Coates has been the name to trust for quality and reliability in water heating equipment since the 1940's and continues to lead the industry in quality and perfomance across our entire line of swimming pool products.

The Export model heaters are available from 12kW to 180kW and most can be ordered in single or three phase models. For large commercial applications we also offer heaters up to 300kW.

Please refer to the Sizing Guide for help choosing the correct heater for your application.
CE Series  
  12kW to 18kW
Large spas or small residential pools.
CPH Series  
  24kW to 30kW
Residential pools and small indoor commercial pools.
PHS Series  
  36kW to 72kW
Large pools and cold weather applications.
PHS-6 Series  
  75kW to 105kW
Commercial Pool Applications
PHS-10 Series  
  105kW to 180kW
Commercial Pool Applications
PHS-20 Series  
  180kW to 300kW
For commercial applications which require 180kW - 300kW